Women in Business: Jessica Mock of Southern Sugaring



Tell us a little bit about your journey and how Southern Sugaring came to be?

I founded Southern Sugaring in April 2015 with the mission to create an unforgettable and empowering client experience through empathy, body positivity, humor, and meticulously detail-oriented services. As a Licensed Esthetician, I have been an expert in the ancient art of sugaring hair removal for ten years, and now, our service menu has expanded to include skincare treatments using our very own product line and custom formulations, as well as lash and brow design!

How would you describe Southern Sugaring to someone who has never been? What gives it that extra sparkle?

The Southern Sugaring method hurts less and last longer than traditional waxing because we focus not only on correct technique but the entire client experience. Our hair removal paste is certified organic, fair trade, and made of sugar, lemon, and water. It’s so natural you could EAT it, but let’s not let your sweet tooth get too crazy! We set ourselves apart from other salons who offer sugaring services with our attention to detail (ingrowns don’t stand a chance!) and a cheeky sense of humor. We’re pulling the hair from “down there”, so we can’t take ourselves too seriously! Laughter is the best pain blocker!

As a business owner, what is one undervalued quality that you think is key to success?

In the hair removal business, empathy for the pain or fear our clients may experience can not be overlooked. Every Sugarista at Southern Sugaring is not only trained in the skill of sugaring, but they have their own empathetic “bedside manner” to put clients’ minds and skin at ease. Every person that walks through our spa doors has their own expectation about their first Brazilian. They may be scared or uncomfortable or even confused. It’s the Sugarista’s job to learn each client’s “emotional pain point” and work with them to understand, comfort, and give them the best experience.

How do you stay motivated on days when you’re just not feeling it?

If I’m ever in the middle of a task and realize that I am just zoning out, I try to stop what I’m doing and do something creative for a few minutes instead. Creative expression allows me to refocus my energy on being productive in a different way. Entrepreneurship allows no time to waste, so I enjoy bouncing from project to project to keep my mind engaged and motivated.

Are there any small daily rituals that help keep you sane?

Everyday after work, I immediately mix up a fancy “mocktail”. My favorite is easy: strawberry sparkling water and a splash of cherry juice concentrate, best served in a stemless wine glass. If I have it, I’ll garnish with mint leaves or a rosemary sprig! I truly look forward to rehydrating with this all day. I’m the worst at remembering to drink enough water while I’m working, but this drink is my responsible indulgence.