Tiffany’s Guide to the Perfect Picnic

As the summer rolls along one of my favorite activities is being able to enjoy the open air with a park picnic. It’s one of the most spontaneous plans that end up being some of my favorite memories spent friends. 
Recreating a very dreamy picnic can look like quite the task but actually I like to keep it simple and easy to execute, here are some of my must haves:


  • A woven basket or hamper: Probably one of my must haves for summertime, a cute and stylish bag to carry all your picnic essentials. (Vesper: Woven Suitcases)
  • A blanket or throw: pack a nice surface that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty and that’s comfortable for you and your friends to lay on. 
  • A small pillow: I like to bring with me a small throw pillow to rest my elbow or head if I want to lay out with a book. (Vesper: Samara Pillow)
  • A wooden board: a nice leveled surface to cut open fruit and cheeses, plus its quite simple to clean after. (Vesper: Reclaimed wood bowl)
  • Small set of knives: Knives can be a tricky one to pack, I usually like to find small cheese cutting knives that can do the job and wont poke anyone’s hand in the packing/unpacking process. (Vesper: wood cheese knife)
  • Water cups/cocktail cups: having champagne in the park? Yep we are in that’s all. (Vesper: Aqua Drinking Glass, Valdes Water Glass in Pink)
  • Small canvas pouches: these will keep all your essentials safe and looking equally in theme (Vesper Bag-All: beauty box mini, private stuff mini)
  • Evian mist spray: With temperatures rising and humidity in the air I love bringing a small carry on Evian mist spray in my bag, it is the perfect refreshment for your face and it will help cool down. 



  • Berries: packing up any kind of berry is quite easy, given that you can pack a bunch and not take much space in your hamper. 
  • A baguette: bread is basically my number one love, plus cheese and bread is the easiest paring for every guest you might have joining your picnic to enjoy. 
  • Cheese: bring a combination of a soft cheese and a firm cheese to make a nice pairing with your berries and bread. My two favorites are Brie and Gruyère. 
  • Champagne, Wine or Sparkling water: cut a strawberry and drop a few slices into your drink and you have the perfect refreshing picnic drink.

Whether you decide to go all out and plan a Downtown abbey worthy picnic or you keep it simple, a picnic is all about enjoying the time outdoors and having a great time with friends or family.