Savannah on Tap: Perry Lane Hotel

For our September visit of Savannah On Tap we decided to feature the three bar locations of the downtown boutique hotel, Perry Lane Hotel. Located at Drayton St. and Perry St., this hotel is one of our favorites in Savannah. 
Offering up three separate and distinctive environments, the locations serve some incredibly tasty drinks as well as giving you very fun photo ops. We talked with each bartender and asked for a secret or interesting drink that they would recommend to our readers, here is what each one served up:

The Emporium-  The Birds and The Bees:

The Emporium Bar provides a wonderful atmosphere for your pre-dinner drinks or weekend afternoon plans, with its open spaces and abundant selection of food and drinks.
This beautifully presented drink featured some of Savannah's own, assembled with Savannah Bourbon Co.'s bourbon and honey, and topped with a honeycomb from Savannah Bee Company. The “Birds and the Bees” served its lavender bitters on a silver spoon for you to mix in as you’d like.

 The Peregrin Rooftop Bar-  Modified Jungle Bird. 

This is the place to be to capture the beautiful Savannah sunsets and to enjoy the last months of the warm weather. The beautiful rooftop is a perfect place for a big group hang out. It has lots of space to accommodate all and great entertainment with live music and a classic game of cornhole. The concoction we got served was a mixture of black rum, pineapple juice, a bit of almond syrup called orgeat, and Campari. Finished over crushed ice and spritzed with absinthe. Ultimately a very refreshing drink!

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The Wayward- Hitlers’ Jitters 

I like to think of this place as a hidden gem-  the bartenders are incredibly knowledgeable and will make you some out of this world cocktails. The space is also a great laid back vibe with some adjacent arcade games and ski ball, It’s one to visit! 
Our cocktail, although incredibly simple to the eye, was our winner of the day. The combination of Cuban rum with crème de cacao and lime tasted amazing, plus it went great with the complimentary popcorn!