Savannah On Tap - Sip Shop Make

With so many drink options to choose from in town, Savannah On Tap takes a closer look into several different locations and their top requested drinks as well as some secret menu options.
This month we visited the Starland District and headed to the newly established “SIP SHOP MAKE” - a wonderful location with a specialty drink counter and a shop filled with local artisans’ goodies. This collaborative environment developed by Fête's creator Marguerite Seckman and Forrest and Fin's artist Lara Neece, served up so beyond drinks! 
These are a few of our faves:

The Blue Butterfly Pea:

The shop favorite superfood latte does not only look delicious, it tastes amazing but also holds plenty of health benefits. The drink's floral flavor comes from a blend originated in Thailand, mixing deep blue petals of the butterfly pea flower with some ginger tinge ultimately giving it its silky body. The latte has strong anti-aging properties and is filled with antioxidants. Some other health benefits are: pain relief, anti-inflammation, aid in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and promotion of eye health. 

Perc Nitro Cold Brew:

If you are not familiar with Perc coffee, then you def need to take a trip to SIP SHOP MAKE and try it out, drink counter owner Marguerite poured ours with some ice and some oat milk. On these hot days in Savannah this cold brew is exactly what we needed to be ready for what the rest of the day brought us!

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Secret menu item (Shrub):

As we talked with Marguerite we wanted to try out something she didn’t have on her menu that might be an exciting drink for our readers to ask for. Her concoction was a vinegar drink. I know, I know it may sound weird at first but this ended up being my favorite drink. The concord grape vinegar was mixed with pomegranate lemonade, coconut water and topped with sparkling water. If I were to compare its taste I would say it’s along the lines of kombucha, it's super refreshing and would definitely recommend it you are looking for a different refreshment while out in the Savannah heat.