Day's July Top Shelf

LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask:

During summer months the heat can be unbearable, and with the sun beaming down on your skin it’s really easy to become dry and chapped. Lips are one of the most sensitive areas, so I wanted something that could condition them and provide lots of moisture. This sleeping mask has been so easy to incorporate into my nightly routine. I put it on right before bed and when I wake up in the morning my lips are still just as moisturized as when I first put it on. I love this mask and will continue to use it in my routine!

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This candle has been a holy grail find! The candle burns better than any candle I’ve used before. All of the different smells are divine. My favorite has been Kush and Les. They fill the room - I can even smell it outside my room into the hall! The burn time has also been a huge plus. It’s already lasted me so long, and I can’t wait to buy another when this one runs out. An added plus is how cute the container is! I will reuse it in my bathroom for storage when the candle runs out.

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Black Castor Oil:

This oil has been a holy grail product I found on Amazon. This is one of the products that you have to be patient and diligent with. I have been using this product on and off forever! This one bottle has lasted me years, and I can always tell the difference when I use this and when I stop for a little while. The results of this product are thicker lashes since the castor oil strengthens and conditions your lashes, helping to combat all we put them through with curling and makeup. 

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Herbal Healing Serum:

This is a plant-based oil that focuses on nourishing your skin. It absorbs well into my own skin and I’ve found it adds an extra boost to my skin which is nice in the summertime because of the extra sun and stress on my skin. I have oily skin, so I tend to stay away from oils, but this doesn’t just sit on top of my skin. It soaks in and gives me an overall moisturized glow! 

[find at Yaupon Teahouse + Apothecary in Savannah, GA]





These little patches are so fun to use. I know it sounds crazy to call an acne patch fun but it is. The “darts” which are filled with acne medicine actually penetrate the skin to work on the zit from the inside instead of just the surface level. They keep you from picking at the zit which can cause scarring. The only complaint is that you don’t get much in the pack so if you have a lot of breakouts you will run out of patches pretty quick.

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