August Top Shelf

This little roll-on is perfect for on the go. Because it’s a clear formula you can use it any time of day on your zit and not have a pink spot on your face that draws attention to the zit. I like this formula because it’s all-natural and uses witch hazel as its main ingredient. It can be a little drying so make sure to apply moisturizer at night. Overall I think this formula helps to clean the area on my zit and keep it from getting worse. I have also noticed that it works best on smaller whiteheads, this is not for blackheads or cystic acne. 
The summer sun is a great way to naturally give our skin a great glow but it’s hard to be at the beach all day every day perfecting your tan. So this face oil will help you fake the dewy glow and save you the sunburn. I find it super moisturizing but not greasy (I’ve had fairly greasy skin my whole life) which is nice because my makeup doesn’t slide off my face after using this product as a base. To see real brightening results you need to be strict about applying every day, but if you want to just use it casually your skin will still thank you for the added hydration. 
We all know or have heard of Drunk Elephant it is the luxury skincare with a cute pop of color packaging and fun names. Many swear by it so I wanted to start the deep dive into their huge line of skincare. I started with something basic and useful I could apply every day with the main draw being the protection from “environmental stressors.” Because the price point is a little high I use this very sparingly and only at night. But I love the formula, it's made my skin much softer and given it a more refreshed look in the morning instead of waking up all puffy and dry. I’m very excited to dive deeper into the brand to see what other products they offer! 
You’ve heard of Jade rollers but did you know that Rose Quartz is its better older sister. Rose Quartz has a longer-lasting shelf life, and has a resting cooler temperature than Jade as well as being more beneficial when trying to prevent wrinkles. So drop the Jade and make the switch to Rose for all of its inherent minerals- silicium, magnesium, iron, sodium, and oxygen. 
I’ve proudly been on the Glossier bandwagon since they had only the Phase 3 set and some face masks. Now the brand has dominated social media and the beauty industry with its cool- girl millennial pink aesthetic. Expanding their products to a body moisturizer that is for daily use after your shower. The moisturizer is extremely thick but not greasy, gives a radiant glow without looking too shiny/glittery, and is filled with oils and vitamins to benefit the skin deeper than just hydration. Can you tell I’m obsessed? This moisturizer makes my skin feel amazing and I use it without fail every time I get out of the shower, but the best part is that you can put your clothes on right after without your pants sticking to your legs.